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Portsmouth Jewry - 1730's to 1980's
Glossary of Hebrew Terms
Dr Aubrey Weinberg (1985)

Bahmitzvah Confirmation in the Jewish faith; coming of agc of boys at 13 years.
Bimmah Raised platform from which readings of the law are conducted.
Chazan Cantor.
Halachah The practice of Jewish law.
Kashrut Dietary laws.
Kol Neidre Evening service preceding the l)ay of Atoneinent.
Kosher As applied to meat killed according to ritual slaughter. Literally means 'clean’.
Mikveh Ritual bathplace for the orthodox.
Mitzvah A good deed.
Mohel Practitioner of circumcision.
Pesach Passover~
Pinches Community records — Minute Books.
Purim Festival Commemorating deliverance of Jews from the hands of Haman.
Sanhedrin The Court of Jews comprising priests, rabbis and laymen.
Sefer Torah Scroll of the law.
Shammus Synagogue Beadle
Shochet Ritual slaughterer.
Suceah Temporary shelter used during the Feast of Tabernacles.
Tahara Mourning customs.
Torah Generally. the Five Books of Moses