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Portsmouth Jewry - 1730's   to 1980's
Dr Aubrey Weinberg (1985)

Early History
Divisions within the Congregation
Contribution to civic and political life
Synagogue reconstruction
Burial grounds
Aria College
Jews in Kingston Prison
Laws of the Congregation
Portsmouth Jewish Societies
Other forms of civic involvement
Occupation and population change
Glossary of Hebrew terms

small_ball_blue_80.gif (957 bytes)Wardens and Ministers to the Portsmouth and Southsea Hebrew Congegation

Aubrey Weinberg was formerly a principal lecturer in Sociology in the Social Studies Department at Portsmouth Polytechnic  (now Portsmouth University). He graduated from the University of London in 1956 where he also gained an MSc (Econ) in 1969. He was awarded a doctorate by the University of Sussex in 1979. His previous publications have been in the area of sociology and the present publication arises out of his association with the Portsmouth and Southsea Jewish Social Club which encouraged hun to investigate local Jewish history.

Some of the illustrations in this publication are taken from a book of mounted photographs and cuttings depicting episodes in the life of the Portsmouth & Southsea Hebrew congregation.
They were collated by the late Sully Filer and presented to the author by his widow Sally and her family as a contribution to the record of Portsmouth Jcwry.
I am grateful to acknowledge their kind presentation.